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Our staff will be very happy to accommodate English-speaking patients!


Prof. Agata Karowicz - Bilińska used to cooperate with Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Public Health in Baltimore (USA), where she gained experience in dealing with local cases. She is currently working in London during the weekends, treating patients of both Polish and English community.


Our Surgery Manager, after a 25 year stay in the UK, prides himself on his language and communication skills. He has been praised for his second to none rapport with the general public.


Our offer includes:



* Comprehensive care for pregnant women
* Providing care in cases of physiological pregnancy
* Minimising the dangers associated with high-risk pregnancy
* Prevention and treatment of cervical insufficiency
* Prevention of premature termination of pregnancy
* Microbiological Diagnosis
* Diagnostic Ultrasound
* Cytological tests


* Contraceptive counselling
* Diagnosis of infertility
* Hormone replacement therapy
* Prevention Studies: breast, ovarian, cervical and endometrialcancers
* HPV infection diagnosis
* BAE (fine needle aspiration of Endometrium)
* Cryotherapy
* Diagnosis and treatment of cervix and vagina inflammation 


* Ultrasound diagnosis of genital area
* Ultrasound diagnosis of ovulation

* Ultrasound diagnosis of breasts


Any questions? Feel free to call us at +48 668 358 480, we will be happy to help you!

wszystko dla kobiet. orchidea. 

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